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joséphine colombier

June 4, 2024

cette application est géniale Bravo et en plus elle s'améliore tout le temps . Quel travail ! Grand merci pour le superbe tuto Par contre j'aurai aimé pouvoir le télécharger en PDF pour pouvoir le consulter hors connexion ... je n'ai pas reussi

Lize van den Heever

May 30, 2024

Well done!!! I'm a beginner handpan player and because I am somewhat of a perfectionist and a software engineer and not much of a natural percussionist I was trying all different ways to note down songs and rythms I am learning (I can't just remember the sound and hand movements, I need to see the music/pattern). I've tried with multiple voices for the left and right hand and/or multiple clefts. has a nice playback, but the percussion element is difficult to incorporate accurately. Also tried David Kuckherman's method (which is more similar to Notepan app) and Master The Handpan notation, but nothing was really working for me. NOW I've stumbled on app and started the free trial today. I am blown away as this is exactly what I was looking for and I really like the way your playback is accurately simulating a real handpan. I also feel that you did a wonderful job in the App - it is very intuitive and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into the functional design and how you want to present the features in the UI. Also very impressed with how good it is working, no bugs found yet. Coming from a software engineering background I often find that within the first few minutes or features I use a product/app/website I already come accross a bunch of bugs. NONE found so far in, well done!! I will continue to test the trial and definitely subscribe for at least one year, just need to make up my mind if I want to subscribe for lifetime. Well done!!!

Anton Jankovoy

April 27, 2024

It's hard to find words to express the full level of my gratitude to the Notepan team and especially to Maxence Champy for the work they have done to create such a well-designed and unique software for writing and learning how to play compositions on the handpan. Thanks to these lessons, mastering this instrument no longer seems like an impossible dream as it was when I tried to learn from YouTube lessons. For me, this is especially important in such a difficult period for my country, Ukraine, and the conditions in which we find ourselves here. Handpan lessons are my salvation in such crazy times when rockets fly outside the window and we have to sit without water and electricity for several days each time. The time I have spent learning and practicing the handpan has been a real escape and a shelter from all the madness in the news and outside the window, a portal to the magic of music, its beauty, and harmony.

Lalanne Marius

February 20, 2024

Super pratique, j'espere que l'on retrouvera bientôt l'application sur tablette. Il y a une fo,ctionnalité qui me manque lorsque je l'utise c'est le zoom. Je peux le faire si je je télécharge la partition en fichier pdf, mais j'aimerai pouvoir zoomer sur les segments que je travail lorsque je suis dans le logiciel. Merci.

Loubat Dominique

December 13, 2023

Mais rassure toi Maxence je ne suis pas pro de l'ordi je vais m'accrocher pour tout comprendre.. En tout cas je l'ai pour la vie !!!! Bonne journée

Loubat Dominique

December 13, 2023

J'ai un handpan 8+1 et 6 notes dessous ..Je pensais pouvoir créer mon handpan et pouvoir transposer des morceaux sur le mien. Je n'arrive pas à le créer et quand on est sur la page pour le créer on me dit : handpan en cours de modification.. pas de bouton pour revenir ou la quitter faut appuyer sur nouveau handpan pour en sortir..Aucune idée si mon handpan a été validé ou pas... Cependant chapeau pour le boulot et félicitations Un grand merci en espérant que cela fonctionnera pour toi.. Dominique

Alexandros Adamos

November 19, 2023

A next generation handpan software! Why so much late for something like this!? Thanks to Maxence for the amazing job he does with Notepan. The beautiful design, the so many functionalities (I don't know yet all the thinks that the Notepan does), the new one, that today I found out does, to transform any song in the scale you like! And so many other beautiful things. It's a completely genius program and I am sure in the future time it will increase more and more the subscribers. It's impossible to not take it if you are a serious handpan lover. I already subscribe to yearly but now with the offer of Black Friday I am seriously thinking to take the lifetime access. Thank you so much my friend. ♥️🙏


October 16, 2023

This is an excellent application - in my opinion a must have - for handpan learners, composers and players. I myself didn't need the whole trial period of 14 days, instead I purchased it within the first week - lifetime access, of course! Maxence did (and does) a very good job. I made several suggestions to him for improving the already very good version 1.0, and with version 1.1 nearly every suggestion was implemented (most of my suggestions were already on his to-do-list). For example, you now have a (basic) metronome function, and with the loop option you can create your own accompanying rhythm and start improvising around this basic groove, which is much better then using a metronome - however sophisticated the metronome is. With the pdf-option you can practice your favourite songs without the need of your computer. I myself (as a beginner) use the tablature editor also to "translate" known folksongs to the handpan, which are great to practice and to learn how harmonics can be used to enhance the music. Many thanks to Maxence for this fantastic software.


October 8, 2023

Very good and helpful application. Easy to understand and very effective. A must for all handpan players who want to compose their own tunes and learn well-known songs easily with the help of tablatures. Many thanks to Maxence for developing this software!